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The Soccer Learning Center's Policies

Customer Satisfaction
Put quite simply, we aren't happy until you and your child are. If for any reason you have a concern about you or your child's soccer class, please communicate with us immediately and we'll work together toward a speedy resolution.

Class Make-Ups
Due to this season’s location limitations, class make-ups will only be offered for staff absence or weather-related closings authorized by The Soccer Learning Center.

Tuition refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please communicate with us immediately should you have a concern about you or your child's soccer class experience.

Remember, classes at The Soccer Learning Center are limited in size to provide the best instructional experience for you or your child. Once you register and pay for a class session, that spot is considered reserved and unavailable to others. Should you register and pay for classes at The Soccer Learning Center and then fail to attend class, you are not eligible for full or partial tuition refunds.

Age Verification for Children & Adults
For Children
Our age verification policy has been put in place for the safety and well-being of your children. Please, do not try to register your child for a class that is outside of his or her age group. We require age verification for all of our new students. You must produce an official document like a school record, immunization record, passport etc. that verifies the age of your child before your child's class begins. Should you register your child for a class and then fail to show your child is the appropriate class age, you will forfeit 100% of your child's class tuition.

For Adults
Our adult classes are open to players age 21 and over. The Soccer Learning Center reserves the right to request age verification documents from any of our adult players. Should you register for a class and then fail to prove you are the appropriate class age, you will forfeit 100% of your class tuition.

Player's Code of Conduct
At The Soccer Learning Center, we stress teamwork as well as player and instructor respect. We expect that each of our players will be ready to listen, learn and actively participate in a team environment. Should a player not conform to general rules of conduct, we will remind them of their responsibilities as a player on our team. If a player continues to disregard classroom rules and creates an environment that is disruptive to the rest of the team, we reserve the right to remove that player from class and/or prohibit them from participating in future class sessions.

Red Card Conduct Rule
The Soccer Learning Center reserves the right to immediately and permanently expel any player (children or adult); their parents/caregivers; or a class spectator; and request that they leave the location premises for any serious infraction that violates our strictly enforced code of conduct. Activities that may lead to an instant "Red Card" expulsion include, but are not limited to: verbal abuse of any kind (cursing, name calling, defaming, demeaning or discriminatory remarks, etc); physical assault of any kind (spitting, hitting, kicking, biting, etc); unsportsmanship-like conduct; destruction of academy or class location property; disruptive class behavior; disruptive parent or spectator behavior, etc. Should a player/parent/participant/spectator be expelled under our "Red Card" rule, a clear explanation of the policy violation will be provided upon request and any applicable paid tuition will be forfeited.

Parent/Caregiver Participation – Children’s Classes
We encourage parents and caregivers to be a part of our children’s classes providing enthusiastic and positive reinforcement from the sidelines. We expect our player's parents to abide by the same code of conduct required of our students. Should a parent disregard classroom rules and create an environment that is disruptive to The Soccer Learning Center, we reserve the right to remove that parent and child from class and/or prohibit them from participating in future class sessions.

Gymnasium Etiquette for Parents & Caregivers
We are dedicated to educating your child about soccer in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Our standards are high – and our reputation in the community reflects our commitment. We expect parents/caregivers to partner with us in these efforts by remembering to follow these key policies:

  1. Please remember to wait in the Golden Door vestibule area (where the vending machines are located) until Coach Alex invites you in to the gym to begin your soccer class. If you arrive early, you can no longer enter the gym while class is underway. Please understand this is to increase security, reduce the distractions to the children, and maximize their learning opportunities. If you arrive late to class, please enter the gym doors quietly, follow the wall/sidelines and get settled on the bleachers. Have your child enter onto the field to begin playing.
  2. Remain off of the gymnasium floor during class. There is a spacious bleacher area available for spectators. If you need to leave the gymnasium during class, please do not cross across the gym floor. Stay close to the wall, and behind the goal line and sidelines.
  3. Keep strollers, book bags, lunchboxes, bikes, scooters, toys, and other items away from the playing field areas in order to prevent collision and tripping accidents.
  4. Keep other children in your care that are not participating in a scheduled class off of the gym floor at ALL TIMES. Babies and toddlers are especially vulnerable to serious injury if they are left to wander onto the gym floor – please be vigilant about keeping them by your side.
  5. The bleachers at Golden Door offer a tempting climbing environment for children. Because of the distraction that presents to our players (as well as the safety concerns over the height of the structure), we ask that you not allow your children to climb, run, or jump on the bleachers at any time.
  6. If your child is reluctant to play, let the Coach work with him or her without interference. Shouting or prodding from the sidelines/walking onto the gymnasium floor only increases your child’s anxiety. Coach Alex is extremely knowledgeable and sensitive to the needs of shy, anxious, and reluctant players.
  7. In the past, parents and children have been able to linger in the gym and kick the ball around after class. Because of the Golden Door schedule and gym availability (we share the gym with other recreation organizations), we now ask that you leave the gym floor immediately after the class ends. You are free to socialize in the vestibule area. If you wish to chat with the Coach, please email him at soccerlearning@aol.com or call the office at 201.656.1156.
  8. Please remember not to consume foods or beverages containing nuts or peanuts in the gymnasium areas.
  9. Parents/children do not have access to the outdoor playground at Golden Door School.
  10. Never leave your child(ren) unattended in class. The Soccer Learning Center is not a “drop-off” class – a parent or caregiver must always be in the gymnasium or in the vestibule area AT ALL TIMES. Parents risk immediate termination of class privileges without tuition reimbursement if they leave their child(ren) unattended in class.
  11. Parents and adults – please remember that if you have the occasion to kick/pass a soccer ball in the gym area, please do so responsibly, gently and with a careful eye out for our student’s safety. You should never kick a ball full-force or try to shoot the ball into a goal – a soccer ball kicked by an adult could seriously injure a child.

Free Kicks-for-Kids Program
From time to time, The Soccer Learning Center offers full or partial session scholarships to area children in need. If you know of a deserving child that would like to learn how to play soccer but is unable to afford tuition, please contact us with details.

Returned Check Policy
Should you pay a tuition fee by check, and that check is returned to us by the bank, you will be required to pay a $30 administrative fee in addition to your tuition payment. You are responsible for contacting us once you've learned your check has been returned. We will not hold you or your child's spot in class unless your tuition payment and bank fees are paid to us by cash or money order within three days of the date of your check's return.

Disputed PayPal Payments
Should you dispute and reverse a valid PayPal payment to The Soccer Learning Center, please be advised that you will be charged a $30.00 administration fee in addition to your regular tuition payment. We encourage you to contact our office at 201-656-1156 to discuss any questions regarding your PayPal payments prior to disputing them.

Peanut/Nut Allergy Reaction Prevention
Due to the fact that many of our students have mild to severe peanut/nut allergies, we ask that you not bring any food or beverage that may contain any type of nut into the building or gym areas. If you (as one our adult players) or your child has a peanut/nut allergy or any type of allergy that may cause a reaction of any kind, you must notify us in detail of this allergy prior to the start of your/their first class. Please understand that the gymnasiums/areas where we teach our classes are often rented to other groups and we cannot control whether food is prepared or served.

Critters in Class
There are absolutely no pets of any kind allowed inside the building or on the playing area at any time.

Class Dress Code
All players must be properly dressed at all times when participating in class sessions. If a player is unable to wear their assigned uniform provided at the beginning of their soccer session, we recommend a comfortable t-shirt and either shorts or sweat pants as apparel. For footwear, sneakers, with laces tied/secured at all times, are required. Players will not be allowed to participate if they are wearing any other type of footwear other than sneakers. Due to safety and health code regulations, players are not allowed to remove their shirts at any time during the class. Shin guards, available at sporting good stores like Modell's, are also required for all players.

We reserve the right to remove any player from class that does not conform to this dress code.

Registration Rejection
The Soccer Learning Center reserves the right to refuse any player’s registration at any time for any reason.

Summer Camp Addendum

We’re excited to offer our new SUMMER CAMP option for the 2008 season.  A few special policy issues will need to be considered by families opting to join us for this program.  These policies are put into place, in addition to our regular season policies, to ensure your child is safe, secure, and most of all, having a wonderfully rewarding camp experience:


Once you register and pay for your child's camp spot, you have committed to participating in our camp sessions. Our camps are kept small and exclusive to maximize the experience of every child. We are unable to offer full or partial refunds for any reason, so please be sure your child is available to participate. If you are unable to participate, you may transfer your paid camp registration to a friend or family member or donate it back to the Soccer Learning Center where we will award it to a deserving child in our community.