Class Feedback

As a four-year old, our son Charles had his first organized sports experience at the Soccer Learning Center. It is appropriately named because Coach Alex is a gifted teacher. Charles learned the fundamentals of soccer and the importance of teamwork while gaining in self-confidence. Kids are impressionable and Coach Alex is a great role model both on the field and off with his many charitable endeavors.

Margaret and Joe Burt, Jersey City

My daughter Gabrielle started taking lessons from Coach Alex at 5 years of age. She has since progressed from recreation to travel to two academy teams, STA/Millburn Magic and recently was accepted to PDA, the top Girl's Soccer Academy in the Northeast. Coach Alex instilled all the basics that enabled her to build upon and continue tremendous progress in soccer. She's played at 7 different teams of varying levels since and she still loves to play at TSLC and considers "my Coach Alex" as the best.

Alexander Capulong, Jersey City

The Soccer Learning Center is a great place for kids. The atmosphere is exciting while not pressured. My granddaughter, who is an only child, learns to share and be part of a team, all the while learning a sport and the skills it takes to play the game.

Eileen Olan, Jersey City

Coach Alex is an excellent coach and leader. He encourages children to learn valuable soccer skills while playing lots of fun games. The children are divided into small age appropriate groups which provides a great way for everyone to be involved. The Soccer Learning Center is a wonderful alternative to the traditional soccer leagues for young children. Become a part of the fun!!!

Shari Pople, Weehawken

My son, Daniel Halligan love to play soccer, at the Soccer learning Center with coach Alex, he practices all the techniques that Coach Alex teach, and every week he is looking forward to go to his class, he says that coach Alex is the best.

Judith Halligan, Weehawken

The Soccer Learning Center has given my daughter self-confidence in her soccer ability but has also taught her the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. Coach Alex keeps every player engaged and learning throughout the class.

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, Hoboken

Coach Alex is exceptional of all we have seen so far. By devising unique techniques, he blends the skill with fun, in a way the little kids can grasp. Net effect: kids get the tenets of being a good soccer player w/o stressing out.

Subbu Natarajan, Jersey City

I highly recommend Alex's Monday Night Adult Prep Boot Camp Class. Whether you are looking to get a great workout and/or sharpen your skills then this is the class for you. It's limited to a small group of players so everyone gets plenty of playing time. I like to keep in shape but get really bored jogging or running on a treadmill so this is a great alternative while having fun in a relaxed atmosphere.

Mike Dempsey, Jersey City

My son James has been taking soccer classes with Coach Alex for the last two years; and this has been the most amazing, positive and growing learning experience my son has had in sports.

As a mother, I feel very fortunate to have James in this program. Coach Alex is an extraordinary instructor and mentor, who in an incredible way, manages to give all his students individual attention making each of them feel important and successful. In an amazing way, kids advance at their own level feeling equal, happy and respected by teammates.

In the last two years, I have seen how Coach Alex has never given up on any child and he knows exactly when to start challenging them. As a teacher, I will say that Coach Alex is a role model for all of us in education. He really has all the qualities that a person, working with children, should have.

Gloria Jensen

Coach Alex is a great coach. He is fun and plays soccer with me. I am glad that I play soccer. I love Shark Attack! When I grow up I want to be Beckham! I love Coach Alex! I love my medals! 

Noa Lisimachio, Age 4
TSLC Student

The Soccer Learning Center really helped me become a good soccer player. Coach Alex is nice and a great coach! I love how his program is very fun. He has great games that make us love soccer. When I had difficulties with a drill, Coach Alex helped me do it! The Soccer Learning Center is a good place for children to learn how to play correctly because when I play at recess, I see that most kids do not know how to play the game. It makes me happy to go The Soccer Learning Center! 

Max Lisimachio, Age 9
TSLC Student

The Soccer Learning Center is THE go-to place for aspiring soccer stars! Not only is Coach Alex incredibly skilled at teaching the fundamentals of soccer, he is warm-hearted, fun-loving, and patient with the children. His mastery of soccer skills and technique is evident in his ability to coach young children through adults. The joy he has in being with and coaching the children is sincere and unique. Coach Alex's love of soccer is contagious. He has created huge soccer fans and players in my 2 kids. I joined the Adult class last year having also caught the soccer bug! Thanks to The Soccer Learning Center and Coach Alex, we never leave home without it....our soccer ball that is!!!

Jennifer Lisimachio
Parent & Adult Player

The most difficult part about taking my kids to The Soccer Learning Center is staying in my seat. The classes are so engaging and fun, I want to go play soccer with them. Of course, the fact that I am 6'-2" and the other players are 4' tall could be an obstacle...

Laurent Lisimachio

I'd say that TSLC has a friendly vibe, supportive atmosphere and is a lot of fun!  After a while, TSLC feels like family.  I also think it’s great that drills and exercises change every week and sometimes we've even changed things up with tournaments and visiting pro-games.

Howard Yap
Adult Player

We love The Soccer Learning Center and Coach Alex. Our son Jacob has learned so much about the sport and team-playing. We have been doing session for over 2 years and would be so thrilled if classes could be held in HOBOKEN, our hometown. Hoboken needs Coach Alex!  Please help us find him space there.

Julie and Seth Jarrett

I am proud to say that the soccer class was the first "team" experience for my son Adrian, he was 5 when he first enrolled.  He loved to play and the class was a great work out for him.

Coach Alex is gifted with soccer and children skills as well.  I can't wait for classes to start again, and neither can my son.

Jovany Larroche

Of all the athletic classes that my five-year son has taken -- swimming, basketball, tumbling -- Coach Alex's soccer class has been by far the best. The classes are small and the gym is great. Most importantly, Coach Alex has a lovely touch with children; he's kind and good-natured and engages the children with the right mix of drills and scrimmages. At the end of each session, he gives trophies to all the children, and my son keeps his five or six trophies on his bedside table.

I just dropped my son off at a summer soccer camp in Hoboken NOT run by Coach Alex. It was the first day and hundreds of children sat forlornly in a big stuffy gym, waiting for...waiting for I don't know what. I had to go to work so I never saw the class begin. But seeing that oversized poorly structured class made me realize how sweet Coach Alex's classes are.

Robert Florida

The excitement and enthusiasm that Coach Alex brings to The Soccer Learning Center classes makes the gym feel like Giant Stadium. From the kids who instinctively love soccer to wallflowers to the kids who are overly aggressive, every week Coach Alex transforms the cast from Lord of the Flies into a fun-loving TEAM. In my own experience of 7 years of youth soccer I never had a coach so knowledgeable, skilled and above all, creative in teaching soccer. There are other soccer programs closer to where we live, but we continue to choose the SLC because it is the best!

Ben Xavier

The Soccer Learning Center is a great place to get back into good fitness while learning to appreciate the joy of a great sport. Coach Alex promotes a fun, safe environment where students of all ages can enjoy each other's company and encourage each other in good spirit. I found his classes immensely valuable and a great service to the community!

Jee Shin
Adult Player

Coach Alex thoroughly understands the game of soccer and has an amazingability to communicate with children. His classes are very relevant todeveloping soccer skills and he makes each lesson fun. All of the childrenare kept involved, exited and looking forward to more. I highly recommendthis program.

Sean Gibson

Coach Alex is a very professional soccer coach.  He loves the sport and the love for the sport comes through in his teaching.  He is patient, kind and supportive to all his students. When I go to soccer practice with my six year old son, I see my son and all his team mates are very excited, willing to learn and most of all having fun at practice.  Coach Alex provides a wonderful program for the children, parents and the community.  Cheers to you Coach Alex.

Pat Wong

I started playing with Coach Alex in the Fall of 2006. I never played soccer as a child and was apprehensive about whether I would be able to keep up with the other players or enjoy the game at all. Coach Alex not only taught me how to play the game - he has given me new skills, and the confidence to feel like I sort of know what I am doing! Now I am addicted to soccer and wish there were more opportunities to play as an adult! 

Starr James
Adult Player

Coach Alex and The Soccer Learning Center offer classes in a fun and easy way for beginners, kids, and adults of all ages. If you love Soccer as much as Coach Alex does, this is the place for you!

Marc LoSchiavo
Adult Player

The Soccer Learning Center is such a great soccer academy. Coach Alex is such a natural with the kids. The Soccer Learning Center is definitely the toast of the after-school town.

Gwen Shook
Jersey City, New Jersey

Outstanding coach! Ethical yet powerful jump-start for our little ones in the soccer world. Highly recommended.  

Adonis Mallios
New York City

I am very pleased with Coach Alex and his ability to get the kids to play as a team. He is very patient and knowledgeable about the game.  

Jonas Tamir
Hoboken, New Jersey

I love how Coach Alex just bonds with the children and gets them all involved. Each week, a good time and a positive experience is had by all.  

Monique Haas

Alex has created a fun and warm environment for children to develop soccer skills without feeling the stress of competition. Each child feel like a winner and learns to "respect" many aspects of team sport. It's been a pleasure for us!  

Darlene Logan
Jersey City, New Jersey

What a program! The Soccer Learning Center is about so much more than just "The Beautiful Game," honing basic coordination skills, learning about the importance of teamwork and practice, as well as the simple fun and joy of sport!

Mike Bainbridge
Jersey City, New Jersey

My son Matthew has thoroughly enjoyed the classes held in Jersey City. This is due to the fact that not only is Coach Alex a knowledgeable athlete, he is also an excellent teacher. Our experience has been enjoyable, interesting and worthwhile. As newcomers to this program, the registration process and information for parents has been remarkably clear as well as organized. I cannot recommend this soccer program enough!

Meg Klim

My son Paolo is enrolled in Coach Alex Lalaoui's soccer class. Paolo enjoys the class and is very fond of his coach. What I like most about Coach Alex is you can tell he really enjoys teaching the children. My son is learning invaluable lessons like teamwork, sharing, doing your best and respect for your teammates.

Myrial Dato
Jersey City, New Jersey

I love what soccer classes have done for my daughter Emily. She loves to go to soccer! Coach is great! I like the patience he has with the kids and especially the way he talks to them.

Luisa Robles
Jersey City, New Jersey

Alex truly has a gift for the game of soccer. As an athlete and coach, his ability to communicate and reach the youth speaks in volumes. It is always a pleasure to witness someone of great talent and skill use his gift as a medium to enrich the lives of today's youth. Within a short period of time, I was able to witness his comprehensive and technically sound approach to the fundamentals of the game, which helped build my son's soccer skills. My son and I have since heightened our appreciation and respect for the game.

Gregory Duncan

Our 4-year-old looks forward to his soccer class each week, loves and respects Coach Alex, and is gaining new skills and confidence. It is an extremely well-run program, down to the smallest detail. I highly recommend it!

Jordana Engler

My four-and-a-half year old son wakes up every day and asks if it's "soccer day." If he had a choice, he would play with coach Alex every day of the week. He loves all of the activities that Coach Alex creates to teach them important soccer skills - and perhaps has aspirations to be a coach himself one day.  

Joyce Doyle
Hoboken, New Jersey