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Head Coach Alex Lalaoui brings a lifetime of soccer experience and a unique approach to coaching to The Soccer Learning Center. Believing that students learn best by doing, Coach Alex gets even our youngest players actively involved in every aspect of the game.

Our academy's curriculum is carefully organized to match the appropriate development of our selected age groups. Each session builds upon the last so every player learns, step by step, the skills and techniques needed for success in soccer.



USSF "A" License Announcement

Coach Alex Lalaoui Receives USSF "A" License

The Soccer Learning Center is pleased to announce that Head Coach Alex Lalaoui received his United States Soccer Federation “A” License in July. Only a small, select group of coaches within the United States achieve this accredited credential annually.

According to the USSF website, the National "A" License course consists of approximately 30 classroom hours and 40 field session hours. To qualify for this license exam, coaches must first obtain a series of state and national licenses that take years of intense study and challenging on-field practical work to achieve.

Pre-exam lectures rely heavily on the use of video analysis of game situations and footage. Candidates spend time breaking down the principles of play and the various systems by watching games played and playing in games themselves.

Great attention is given to the candidate’s ability to read and understand the game accurately and to be able to transfer that understanding to their players.

U.S. National Instructional Staff conduct realistic training sessions throughout the course using methodology recognized and used by U.S. Soccer. Candidates are given opportunities to run practice coaching sessions and provided feedback from U.S. National Instructional Staff. Candidates are also tested on their ability to articulate their ideas effectively and affect positive change on those people who they are managing.

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Coaching Credentials
Alex Lalaoui currently holds a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) A License (the premier accredited coaching license available in the United States) as well as other soccer related credentials including: